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Special Services - Research

Bobit Business Media Research Services and the team of LCT Magazine can provide perspective and clarity. We DIG DEEPER to help you SELL MORE.


Bobit Business Media has 50 years’ experience researching business-to-business markets and helping OUR customers understand THEIR customers.


We can help with research projects ranging in scope from simple brand awareness to understanding the role of social networking in your market. Bobit Business Research Branch has done industry research for hundreds of companies, including Ford, GM, Volvo, OPI Products, Honeywell, Tyco, Cooper Notification, and the University of Illinois.


Our research focuses on actionable RESULTS and data that converts to SALES. We develop our research with an integrated approach, ensuring you reach your potential buyers with the right medium, whether it’s focus groups, surveys, or field research.


We can do any variety of research project for your company, including:

  • Advertising Effectiveness Studies
  • Regional Buying Trends
  • Buying Intention Studies
  • Lead Generation and Lead Qualification
  • Brand Awareness and Competitive Position
  • Market Share Analysis


Call us to talk about how you see your company, and together how we can help you develop that vision.

Sara Eastwood-McLean

LCT Publisher/Show Chair/NLA Corporate Liaison

[email protected]

Phone: (253) 983-0515

Cell: (253) 330-0112

Fax: (253) 983-0516